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RULA FC Captain JZyno Announced September 22 As Global EOY Day

Written by Uncle Sark

Renowned and most branded Liberian recording artist, Jonathan Lee, professionally known as JZyno, is trying to maintain a resounding and influential presence in the music industry since his global hit. The artist’s groundbreaking global hit “Butter My Bread” marked pivotal junctures in his career, catapulting him into the limelight and attracting the attention of global sensations who promptly extolled his exceptional talent.

At this given time, the Liberia Music Industry steadily churns out new artist, JZyno appear on the scene with hopes of garnering the attention of global audiences and firing up the Industry. For many, the move from local artist to globally known star can take years. For JZyno, it happens in a flash.

JZyno, who recently announced the release date September 22, 2023 for his most anticipated single “Eye On You”, has maintained his grip on the music industry as “Butter My Bread” has crossed 150 million streams across music stores and over 8 million views on YouTube.

The confidence from “Butter My Bread” is an integral part of JZyno’s forthcoming Single “Eyes On You”. On this new project, you should expect the Afrobeats JZyno, and he’s excited for his fans to hear all he’s been working on.

JZyno’s most recent unveiling is the RULA FC eagerly anticipated single, “Eye On You.” Featuring Camidoh, Produced with finesse by GIGZBEATZ. “Eyes On You” defies genre categorization, drawing inspiration from the rich tapestry of Afro-Pop, JZyno once again demonstrates his inherent knack for infusing his unique melodic sensibilities into his creative works. This release marks JZyno’s second offering this year, following his previous hits, “Butter My Bread.

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