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JZyNo-Ft.-Lasmid-X-Nasty C-X-Sid Sriram-Butta My Bread Remix

Written by Uncle Sark

JZyNo-Ft.-Lasmid-X-Nasty C-X-Sid Sriram-Butta My Bread Remix

Liberian global hit artist JZyNo is making waves with the release of the remix to his chart-topping track “Butta My Bread.” Featuring Ghana’s rising star Lismad, India’s Sid Sriram, and Africa’s top-rated rapper Nasty C, the remix brings together diverse talents from around the world. With its infectious beat and catchy lyrics, “Butta My Bread” has quickly become a favorite among music lovers globally.

This collaboration showcases the power of music to transcend borders and unite artists from different cultures. JZyNo’s fusion of Liberian sounds with contributions from artists across continents demonstrates the richness of cultural exchange in the music industry. The remix is poised to further elevate JZyNo’s status as a leading figure in the global music scene while introducing listeners to fresh talent from Africa, India, and beyond.

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