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Money Mayhem – Ft. – Aron Jay – Put It On Me

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Money Mayhem – Ft. – Aron Jay – Put It On Me

Liberia America-based artist Money Mayhem, in collaboration with Aaron Jay, has released an electrifying new single titled “Put It On Me.” This song blends rhythmic Hip-hop influences with contemporary Hipco, creating a captivating sound that resonates with a wide audience. Money Mayhem’s dynamic vocal delivery, paired with Aaron Jay’s smooth lyrical flow, makes for an unforgettable musical experience. The track is a celebration of resilience and self-confidence, reflecting the artists’ journeys and their determination to succeed in the music industry. “Put It On Me” not only showcases their individual talents but also their ability to create synergy and produce a hit that’s both catchy and meaningful.

The release of “Put It On Me” has been met with enthusiasm and praise from fans and critics alike. Its infectious beat and relatable lyrics have quickly made it favorite on fans, further establishing Money Mayhem and Aaron Jay as rising stars in the Hip-hop scene. The song’s production quality, coupled with its engaging radon, demonstrates the artists’ dedication to their craft and their commitment to pushing musical boundaries. As Money Mayhem and Aaron Jay continue to make their mark in the Liberia Music Industry, “Put It On Me” stands as a testament to their artistic vision and their ability to connect with listeners across the globe.

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